IUAV Workshop 'Lo spazio del corpo / il corpo dello spazio'

24 July 2022
Sunday, July 24, from 11:00 am

Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro is hosting at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani the final exhibition of the workshop dialogues between arts and architecture, curated by Renato Bocchi and Valentina Rizzi as part of the master's degree program in visual arts and fashion.

The objective of the seminar, in continuity with some workshops conducted in previous years by the same group at the V-A-C Foundation and the Ca' Pesaro Gallery, is to provide - through the comparison and assembly of design concepts and strategies of contemporary visual and performing arts and architecture - a theoretical-methodological apparatus useful to explore in corpore vivo the theme of the relationships between body and space and, therefore, between the user and the space of the work, in the context of experiences of art installation, video-art or interior architectural space design.

Alongside a cycle of lectures in three introductory days, with contributions of interdisciplinary discussion on these issues, the seminar will result in an experimental exercise that will take place in the exhibition spaces of the Albero d'Oro Foundation in Palazzo Vendramin Grimani.

The performance will investigate the relational characters between bodies and spaces through the design of physical or virtual installations.

With the participation of Vicente Alemany, Emanuele Arielli, Cristina Barbiani, Roberta Da Soller, Roberta Dreon, Anna Giudice, Teresa Masini, Larisa Oancea, Klaus Obermaier, Juan Carlos Quindós, Jorge Ramos, Raquel Sardá, Fernando Zaparaín.

In collaboration with Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro, the Iuav Masters in Digital Exhibit and the Espaciar research group of the Universidad de Valladolid.