Opera in studio (work undergoing study)

30 May 2024 — 6:30 pm

Beauvais Manufactory

The Chinese Emperor’s Audience

Circa 1700

Wool and silk

359 x 512 cm

Fondation Etrillard, inv. FE.2023.008

An in-depth look at the art and technique of tapestry at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani

Sophie Mouquin, head of the collection of the Fondation Etrillard (Geneva), presents the studio work on display at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani: an early 18th-century tapestry entitled ‘L'Audience de l'Empereur de Chine’ from the French manufacture of Beauvais, exhibited in Venice for the first time.

Event in collaboration with Fondation Etrillard.

Free event in italian.

L’Audience de l’Empereur de Chine

From the collections of Fondation Etrillard, L'Audience de l'Empereur de Chine is an 18th-century tapestry that forms part of a group of nine tapestries entitled Histoire de l'Empereur de Chine.

The artwork, finely woven with wool, silk and threads of gold and silver by the Manufacture de Beauvais, depicts court life under two Chinese emperors in the 17th century, as it was imagined under Louis XIV's reign in France, and bears witness to the aesthetic and scientific admiration for this civilisation.

The work will be in dialogue with the works of Indian artist Parul Thacker in the context of the Collateral Event exhibition Per non perdere il filo. Karine N'guyen Van Tham - Parul Thacker.