Opening of palazzo Vendramin Grimani

24 May – 10 March 2022

From May 24, 2021, Fondazione dell’Albero d’Oro opens the doors of palazzo Vendramin Grimani to the public for the first time.

For this first public opening, the Foundation wants to pay tribute to the spirit of “collezionismo” of the great Venetian families who lived in this splendid 16th century residence overlooking the Grand Canal.

Discover the history of the palazzo and the life of its illustrious inhabitants through a unique visit where you can discover exceptional and emblematic works as well as curiosities rarely exposed to the public.

A selection of great works of art and some belonging to the owner families will be accompanied by the photographic work of Patrick Tourneboeuf, who through his personal point of view conveys an original interpretation of the spaces and architecture of this elegant palazzo.

Photo Patrick Tourneboeuf

First artistic residency with Patrick Tourneboeuf

In the mid-90s, Patrick Tourneboeuf took an interest in clichés of urban space. With Périphérique, a silent vision of the Parisian boulevard, the beginnings of a research on the suspension of time took shape. A work continued in Nowhere, for which he stopped at seaside resorts. This puzzling distance observation constructs a critical discourse on the use of leisure.

Since 2003, he has devoted part of his work to correcting the stigmata of history, with three photographic series focused on the places where memory is built: Cicatrice, sur les traces du mur de Berlin, La mémoire du jour J, on the landing beaches in Normandy, and Stèles, on the war memorials of the Great War. For 20 years, he has been collecting a body of images produced on heritage under the title Monumental, a writing without nostalgia, halfway between a documentary and questioning the ambiguities of the representation of reality.

His photographs are part of many collections. He has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, USA, in 2017.