5 reasons to visit Palazzo Vendramin Grimani in Venice

26 October 2022

5 reasons to visit Palazzo Vendramin Grimani in Venice

Are you visiting Venice for a few days, want to get off the usual tourist routes and discover a new and unusual corner of the Serenissima? Discover Palazzo Vendramin Grimani, a historic residence located on the Grand Canal in the heart of the lagoon city and home to Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro.

Open to the public for the very first time in May 2021, this historic palace, former home of Doge Pietro Grimani (1741-1752), now hosts art residencies, art exhibitions and aims to become a crossroads of exchange and creativity with international horizons.

Intrigued yet? Here are 5 reasons to visit Palazzo Vendramin Grimani.

1. Discover a palace recently opened to the public

This jewel on the Grand Canal has been kept secret for more than 500 years.

In 2018, Palazzo Vendramin Grimani embarked on a plan to preserve the building in order to make it accessible to visitors. The major restoration and conservation work restore the historic residence to its former glory for its first opening to the Venetian public on 24 May 2021.

2. Enjoy the view over the Grand Canal

Palazzo Vendramin Grimani is a unique place: off the beaten track, in the sestiere di San Polo, the residence enjoys an exceptional location with a magnificent view of the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice.

As well as discovering the exhibition routes proposed at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani, you can enjoy an authentic Venetian experience while enjoying a breathtaking view on one of the most beautiful landmarks in Venice.

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3. Discovering the history of the Grimani dall'Albero d'Oro family

The history of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani and its inhabitants is rich and reflects the history of the Serenissima.

More than five centuries of history echo within the walls of the historic residence of the Grimani dall'Albero d'Oro, a patrician family of Venice.

The edifice remained permanently in the Vendramin Grimani dall'Albero d'Oro family estate from 1449 until 1969, the year of the death of the last heir Maria Grimani Giustinian Marcello. Starting in the 1960s, the palace was purchased by the Sorlini family of Brescia, who undertook major restoration work.

Since 2018 it has become the headquarters of Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro, which aims to tell the exceptional story of the palazzo and make it accessible to Venetians and lovers of the city with a rich and international cultural programme.

Discover the history of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani

4. Admire the rich decorations and art collections

Discover the monumental spaces of the salon and side rooms, the colours of their plasterwork and tapestries, the textures of the Venetian-style terrace, the reflections of mirrors darkened by time, the ceilings decorated with neoclassical frescoes, the sculptural groups from different eras, the dense wooden beams or 19th-century stuccoes and the iridescent light filtering through the windows overlooking the Grand Canal...

There are numerous testimonies of the Grimani dall'Albero d'Oro's taste for art and collecting. To continue the collecting tradition, Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro exhibits works from private Italian and international collections, as well as displaying its own collection of more than 400 Venetian and international fans.

5. Visit the Biennale Arte 2022 Collateral Event

Until 27 November 2022 it will be possible to visit the Collateral Event of the 59. International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia Bosco Sodi a Palazzo Vendramin Grimani. What Goes Around Comes Around.

The exhibition confronts the monumental spaces of the palazzo with the essential forms of Bosco Sodi's works following the artist's residency at the palazzo between February and March 2022.

Discover the Collateral Event

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