21 April 2023

April 2023

"Some describe this place [...] as a place of the soul. A place to which one pleasantly returns. A small window on the world."

Carlotta's gaze was captured by Greek-French photographer Nikos Aliagas during an art residence in Venice in 2022.

Nikos' lens traveled through the extraordinary everyday life of Venice, letting photography tell the stories of those who live and make these places come alive.

The Rizzardini pastry shop has been a pillar of the Venetian gastronomy tradition for 280 years. On the corner between calle del forno and campiello dei meloni, with its 15 square metrers, mirrors, marble and antique woodwork, this box of sweets is much more than a place to drink coffee or eat cake. Rizzardini is a real square, a place of exchange where Carlotta, Marta or Paolo welcome you with a smile.

The photography exhibition Nikos Aliagas. Regards Vénitiens is open to the public in the ground floor spaces of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani, home of Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro, until November 26, 2023.

Nikos Aliagas. Regards Vénitiens

4 February – 26 November 2023

Photography exhibition by Greek-born French photographer Nikos Aliagas in the ground floor and courtyard spaces of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani.