INVISIBILIA by Ugo Carmeni

30 August 2021

INVISIBILIA by Ugo Carmeni

This photographic oeuvre presents itself as a macroscopic reinterpretation of a number of informal elements decorating the sixteenth-century facade of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani. In particular, during the restoration work it was possible to identify and photograph a series of rather small sculptural details (between approximately 5 and 10 cm) from an extremely close distance. These figures are characterised by unexpectedly detailed and expressive features, which is all the more surprising given that it would normally be impossible to see them from the Grand Canal.
The photographic transformation of each of these subjects in the extremely distended space of the works seeks to introduce the spectator into a fantastic world made of cracks and ambiguities of form, bordering on a grotesque expressiveness, where figures, signs of workmanship and traces of time are all mixed together.

Ugo Carmeni, a visual artist who first trained as an architect, deepened his research on spatial perceptions and their application in the field of the arts during his studies, with particular attention to the dimension of the installation. Colorism, space and time, orientation and disorientation become recurring themes in his work.

Since 2012, he has also collaborated with various international artists and architects as a photographic interpreter of their production within the framework of the Venice Biennale. He thus established important influential relationships for his artistic career, which led him, among others, to London, Paris, Madrid, San Francisco and New York, where he established multi-year working agreements with artists such as Sarah Sze ( USA) and Marco Maggi (Uruguay).