Interview with Yvan Salomone

13 August 2021

Yvan Salomone Saint-Malo, 1957 / painter

To coincide with the Biennale’s Exhibition of Architecture, the Fondazione dell’Albero d’Oro has, for the first time in Venice, chosen to present a selection of works by the Breton artist Yvan Salomone. The abandoned port spaces of his large watercolours seem to echo certain Venetian landscapes and are rendered in a pictorial medium that is in perfect harmony with the omnipresence of water in the lagoon city

The uniqueness of his work lies in the encounter between the watercolor technique, which at first sight could be described as outdated, and a strictly contemporary approach. His work is more like an intimate chronicle, an exploration of time and the impermanence of things.

The watercolors by Yvan Salomone, coming from a private collection, investigate, with an original artistic language, the landscapes of modernity, each panel - in the 105 x 145 cm format - was created in exactly seven days and was taken from a photograph taken in situ; the human figure is totally absent, thus creating motionless metaphysical spaces.

Come and discover Yvan Salomone's work at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani until November 21, 2021.