#COMINGSOON Nicolò Manucci, India’s Marco Polo. A Venetian at the 17th-Century Mughal Court

13 January 2023
Nicolò Manucci, India’s Marco Polo. A Venetian at the 17th-Century Mughal Court
Palazzo Vendramin Grimani
29 April - 26 November 2023

From 29 April to 26 November 2023, Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro presents Nicolò Manucci, il Marco Polo deIl’India. Un veneziano alla corte Moghul nel XVII secolo, an exhibition project directed by Béatrice de Reyniès, curated by Antonio Martinelli and Marco Moneta, with exhibition design by Daniela Ferretti and scientific consultancy by Piero Falchetta, dedicated to the life and travels of Nicolò Manucci (1638-1720), a Venetian of humble origins who, driven by a desire to explore the world, embarked in Venice in November 1653 on his way to the East, hiding in the hold of a tartan, never to return.

To recount the human adventure and atypical voyage of Nicolò Manucci, the manuscripts that make up the original version of the Storia do Mogor and their subsequent transcriptions, the Libro Nero and Libro Rosso, respectively kept at the State Library in Berlin, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, will be exceptionally brought together and exhibited for the first time at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani.

The exhibition intends to retrace the most salient stages in the life of the Venetian traveller through an itinerary that combines artefacts and decorative elements from different epochs with a selection of reproductions and digital installations of the manuscripts that will allow visitors to discover all the pages of the texts and the richness of the colours and illustrations of a vanished world. The aim is thus to offer the gaze of a privileged witness to the history and cultural richness of Mughal India.

To bring Nicolò Manucci's character and story back into view, the Venetian artist designer and architect Guido Fuga has created a series of watercolours depicting the stages of the traveller's life.

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