18th-century Venetian stuccoes


Interactive art installation 'Noi siamo uno'

20 July 2022

The installation sustains a close dialogue with the space of the ‘Sala delle Quattro Famiglie’. The rich symbolism of the stucco decoration on the ceiling tells the story of the Grimani family: their glories (military and mercantile) and the public offices (civil and religious) held by members of the family. At the corners, the Grimani coat of arms is flanked by those of four other Venetian families with whom they had ties through marriage: Morosini, Querini, Giustinian and Pisani.

Sodi’s allegory unfolds beneath this complex narrative: 195 small terracotta globes are positioned around the voluminous central sphere; one for every nation on earth. On the wall we see the title, Noi siamo uno (‘We are one’), traced out in charcoal. Bosco Sodi usually leaves his works untitled in order not to impose any intellectual filters but in this case, as a reaction to the pressing news of conflicts in the world, the artist wanted to make an exception and render explicit his message of unity in diversity.

Additionally, the work is not static, for the public is invited to interact with the spheres: each visitor can touch and move only one sphere, and only once. And with caution, taking into account the safety of other visitors, the fragility of the precious Venetian floor and of the spheres themselves.

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