Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro Privacy Policy


The Holder of the treatment of data collected through the Website is FONDAZIONE DELL’ALBERO D’ORO (C.F. 94096710275) having its registered office at Palazzo Vendramin Grimani in 30125 Venice, San Polo 2033 (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation").

All information requests regarding the Privacy Policy and personal data can be forwarded to the Foundation via e-mail at


As website holder, as provided in art. 1) the Foundation has the right to collect and treat personal data for different purposes, listed below, under the relevant legal basis herein indicated.

  1. User’s browsing data, processed for the purpose of the correct functioning of the Site.

The legal basis of the browsing data processing is based on the legitimate interest of the Foundation to allow the User to properly use the Website.

In this respect we invite you to refer to the specific Policy

  1. Personal Data voluntarily provided by the User, such as e-mail address and/or other contacts, as well as biographical data, or the otherwise acquired and processed in a lawful manner by the Foundation, to enable Users to purchase the tickets online or to book a place for the events organized by the Foundation.

The legal basis is founded in compliance with all the legal requirements concerning online purchases and bookings.

  1. Receive the User’s inquiries regarding the activities and initiatives of the Foundation and in general manage the relationship between the User and the Foundation.

The legal basis is founded on the interests of the Foundation on the proper and efficient management of the relationship between the Foundation itself and the Users and this through the information activity with prior consent and the activity to respond to the enquiries of the Users in an exhaustive way.

  1. Personal Data voluntarily given by the User (biographical data and e-mail address) processed by the Foundation to send information, invites and updates about the initiatives and activities of the Foundation or third parties collaborating with by telephone.

The legal basis is founded on the need to enable the Foundation to update the User on events and initiatives, with the User’s consent.


The Personal Data collected through the Website are processed mainly with computerized and electronic methods and instruments, taking the necessary security measures to minimize the risks of destruction and loss of the data, intentional or unintentional, unauthorized access or unauthorized data processing or not complying with the purposes for which it was gathered as indicated in the present Privacy Policy.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the online transmission of data, by its very nature is not able to limit or completely exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. For this purpose, it is recommended to regularly verify that the device used is provided with an appropriate installation to ensure safety on the online transmission of data, and that the Internet provider (e.g. firewalls and antispam filters).


The User has the right weather or not to communicate its personal data to the Foundation through the website, except for the browsing data in accordance with art. 2(a) whose transmission and collection are governed by the Cookie Policy.

The non-conferment of data doesn’t limit the use of the Website, but it may however make it impossible for the Foundation to enable the use of services under art. 2(b) and following.


The consent for the collection and processing of personal data by the Foundation is considered explicitly given by the User when buying and/or booking events organized by the Foundation, as well as when subscribing to the newsletter, as well as at any information request, as better described and specified under art. 2(b) and following, except as provided by the point about browsing data as detailed in art. 2) (a).

The data processed to complete the purchase or booking procedures will be retained for a period of 10 years.

The data processed to answer the information requests by the Users will be retained for the period of time strictly necessary for the Foundation to fulfill such requests.

The data collected to send the User information, invites and updates will be retained for an adequate period of time depending on the circumstances, and in any case no more than 5 years.


Pursuant to the aforementioned art. 2 (b) and following, personal data may be processed and accessed by:

  1. Employees and consultants of the Foundation, operating as authorized persons for the processing and in this adequately trained by the Foundation itself;
  2. Companies performing for the Foundation technical and organizational activities related to the website and the management of the marketing and communication activities, operating as data controllers on appointment of the Foundation;
  3. Banks, financial institutions, payment circuits, to enable the payment of the tickets / of the bookings for the participation to the events organized by the Foundation, operating as third party independent data controllers.

The Website of the Foundation also uses the following social plug-ins:

  • Social plug-in Facebook, by Facebook Inc. based in Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025 U.S.A. and recognizable with the Facebook trademark present on the corresponding. social button;
  • Social plug-in Instagram, by Facebook Inc. based in Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025 U.S.A. and recognizable with the Instagram trademark present on the corresponding social button;
  • Social plug-in LinkedIn, by LinkedIn Corporation based in 1000 W Mode Sunnyvale, California 94085 U.S.A. and recognizable with the LinkedIn trademark present on the corresponding social button;

The activation of such plug-ins with click on the relevant button activates a direct connection between the User’s browser and the server of such Companies. It should be noted that the Foundation has no authority, nor control, or responsibility over the personal data that will be shared by the User with such Companies.

It is hereby also stated that the User’s data could be accessed by the Public Security Forces or by the Judiciary Authorities, according to the law and upon a formal request by such entities, namely in case there are reasonable rounds to consider the transfer of such data necessary to investigate, prevent or adopt measures regarding illegal or suspicious activities or to assist the State Control Authorities, or for defense against any complaint or accusation by third parties, or to protect the security of the Website and the Foundation; or to exercise or protect the rights, property, or safety of the Foundation, its clients, employees or any other subject.

The User’s personal data won’t be diffused.

The data may be transferred abroad to third countries in accordance with the rules governing the privacy section, always complying with the same conditions, in particular through the use of standard contractual terms approved by the European Commission and based on the adequacy decisions of the European Commission in relation to some Countries, for the data transfer from the EEA to Third Countries, always taking all the appropriate procedural steps by the foundation.


The User has always the right to be granted access to its data by the Foundation, as well as the adjustment, cancellation of the same or the limitation to the processing of personal data.

Moreover, the User has the right to oppose its data processing and withdraw previously given consent (in the latter case, where indicating the consent to receive communications sent through automated instruments, such withdrawal shall be considered effective also referring to traditional means of communication).

The User can also exercise the right to data portability.

The rights above may be exercised contacting the Foundation at the e-mail address as already described.

Lastly, the User has always the right to lodge a complaint with the competent State Control Authorities, such as Data Protection Supervisor Authority.