The imagined journey

Friday 24 November, 10:30 am

Jean-Paul Kauffmann
A writer and former journalist, he founded ‘L’amateur de bordeaux’ and ‘L’amateur de cigares’, after working as a reporter for ‘Le matin de Paris’ and ‘L’événement du jeudi’. Jean-Paul Kauffmann is the author of L’arche des Kerguelen, La chambre noire de Longwood, La Lutte avec l’Ange, Remonter la Marne, Outre-Terre and Venise à double tour. His work is already a benchmark of its kind. Several of his works have been brought together in a single volume, Zones limites, published by Bouquins.

Philibert Humm

As a journalist and writer, Philibert Humm has a penchant for the byways of life. Born in 1991, Philibert Humm is the author, published by Équateurs, of Tour de la France par deux enfants d’aujourd’hui and La Micheline (a guide to unusual cafés), co-written with Pierre Adrian, and has also published Tribulations d’un Français de France (Editions du Rocher). His Roman fleuve was awarded the Prix Interallié 2022.

Caroline Broué
Caroline Broué is a French radio producer and author. For the past fifteen years, she has been one of French public radio channel France Culture's leading voices on ideas and culture. She has created a number of programmes, from Matins with Nicolas Demorand to Bonnes choses, from La Grande table to Matins du samedi. She helped to create on public channels programmes Ce soir ou jamais France 3 and 28 minutes samedi on ARTE. Today, she produces most of A voix nue, France Culture's flagship interview programme, runs a collection of literary non-fiction for Julliard, and writes. She has written a two-voice narrative with Marin Karmitz, Comédies, published by Fayard, and a novel, De ce pas, published by Sabine Wespieser.