The Magdalene

Domenico Fetti (Rome 1589 – Venice 1623) Mary Magdalene, oil on canvas, private Venetian collection, and Johann Liss (Oldenburgh, 1597 – Venezia 1630) Mary Magdalene, private Venetian collection

Sala dell'aurora

Palazzo Vendramin Grimani, 2022

Coming from a private Venetian collection, these canvases offer different renditions of the same religious subject, Mary Magdalene, while at the same time revealing the style of two artists of different training and origin: Domenico Fetti (1589 - 1623) from Rome, and Johann Liss from Germany (1597 - 1630).

Both were part of the group of ‘outsider’ artists who arrived in Venice in the first half of the seventeenth century, contributing to the revival of local painting production following the death of the great exponents of the Venetian School in the sixteenth century.