The risk of the journey

Saturday 25 November, 10:30 am

Lucie Tournebize
Lucie Tournebize is a French journalist based in Italy. The author of guidebooks and fine books, she has a passion for rail travel, which she recounts in a book (L’Italie en train) or in reports for the French media (Le Figaro, La Vie du Rail). Since 2014, she has been sharing her Italian travels on a blog (

Cédric Gras
Cédric Gras was born in 1982. He combined long-distance travel, a passion for mountains and geography studies, before spending a decade abroad in post-Soviet countries. A writer who was awarded the Albert-London Prize in 2020, he is also the author and presenter of a documentary series on the Arte channel. This year he will be publishing a new book: Alpinistes de Mao.

Loïc Finaz

A novelist and poet, but above all a specialist in operations and ‘fighting under the sea’, Admiral Finaz served on numerous warships (frigates and nuclear attack submarines, etc.), and commanded the Bâtiment-Ecole Tigre, the aviso Jean Moulin and the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville. He was also director of the Service de Recrutement de la Marine, the Centre d’Etudes Stratégiques de la Marine and the Commandement de la Marine in Paris, the Musée National de la Marine and the Ecole de Guerre. He founded the Fondation de la mer, co-directs the Centre Géopolitique, Défense & Leadership at ESSEC business school and chairs the consultancy Esprit d’Equipage et d’Entreprise (3E).