A home on the Grand Canal, a window to the world

Fondazione dell’Albero d’Oro was born in 2019 with the aim of giving life and soul to palazzo Vendramin Grimani, previously known as palazzo Grimani Marcello, one of the most beautiful historic palazzi on the Grand Canal in Venice.


This palazzo on the Grand Canal comes back to life through the rediscovery of the history of the illustrious families who have inhabited it and through the study of the scattered art collections.

By presenting and confronting past and present artistic expressions, palazzo Vendramin Grimani becomes a new place of transmission, artistic and cultural exchange open to the world based in Venice.

This elegant building located in the heart of Venice becomes the starting point and the destination of this journey, real and imaginary. Today, much like in the past, the Serenissima is the link between East and West.


The mission of the Foundation is to promote all artistic, cultural and educational actions for the benefit of the city of Venice, its history and international recognition, in collaboration with many public and private, Italian and international institutions.

In order to make palazzo Vendramin Grimani a living place, as it has been for centuries, Fondazione dell’Albero d’Oro intends to:

  • support cultural and artistic projects, studies and research through grants and prizes.
  • promote Venetian savoir-faire and the historical, economic and artistic heritage of Venice will also be a priority.
  • enhance the role which the culture of Venice plays abroad; an ambition that will be carried out through cultural exchanges, workshops, meetings, concerts and art exhibitions.
  • promote and spread the historical and contemporary contribution of foreigners to Venice and enhance the cultural resonance of the Serenissima in the world.
  • participate with local actors in the safeguarding actions of Venice.

For this purpose, every year the program will present one or more multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with private institutions aimed at developing and widening cultural exchanges between Venice and the rest of the world.

The programming of cultural and artistic events will make palazzo Vendramin Grimani an international place of research and exchange, which contributes to the quality of the expansion of the cultural offer in Venice.

Fondation Etrillard is a founding member of Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro.