Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro Palazzo Vendramin Grimani


4/02 - 2/04/2023


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#COMINGSOON Nicolò Manucci, the Marco Polo of India

In spring 2023, Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro presents an exhibition dedicated to the story of the life and travels of Nicolò Manucci (1638-1720), a young Venetian of humble origins who, driven by his curiosity to explore the world, set sail from Venice for the Orient hidden in the hold of a boat.

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Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro Editions

Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro Edizioni is a project launched in 2021 with the aim of disseminating studies on the history of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani and the works exceptionally displayed in the palace.

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A home on the Grand Canal,
a window to the world.

Palazzo Vendramin Grimani