Invito al viaggio 2024 - second edition

8 March 2024

The second edition of Invito al viaggio, the cycle of meetings between travel authors will be held at Palazzo Vedramin Grimani from 22 to 24 November 2024 in collaboration with Ca' Foscari University Venice.

The next literary events on the theme of travel will focus on the encounter with the foreigner, echoing the theme of the exhibition season of Palazzo Vendramin Grimani and the Biennale Arte 2024 Stranieri Ovunque - Foreigners Everywhere. Guests at the palazzo will be Elena Dak, Katell Faria, Erika Fatland, Loïc Finaz, Olivier Frébourg, Guido Fuga, Emilienne Malfatto, Karina Sainz Borgo, Sylvain Tesson, Ingrid Thobois, Catherine Van Offelen, Lele Vianello, Guillaume Villeneuve, Olivier Weber, Matthias Zschokke.

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Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro will soon share the full programme for the second edition of Invito al viaggio, which will be held from 22 to 24 November 2024.