New member in the Foundation Board

26 July 2023
Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro welcomes a new member to the Board of Directors

The Swiss philanthropist Dominique Brustlein-Bobst, who is involved in several foundations and associations in Switzerland and abroad, joins the Board of Administrators leading the Venetian institution. From 2023, she will join the members of the bord of Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro, which takes decisions on the activities of the Foundation in charge of bringing Palazzo Vendramin Grimani to life and animating it. Its gouvernance is composed of a group of French and Italian professionals who love Venice and have extensive experience both in business management and in the world of art and culture.

Dominique Brustlein-Bobst

Dominique Brustlein-Bobst holds a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Geneva and a certificate from the I.E.S.A. - Institut d'Etudes supérieures des Arts, Paris -. Over the years, she has developed her skills in both the for-profit and non-profit spheres.
A member of various boards of directors and an advisor on philanthropy, she is also involved in numerous foundations and associations in Switzerland and abroad that deal with the living world: human rights, humanitarian aid, education, social integration, disability, medical research, culture and art, support for animal causes and the environment.
As a philanthropist, Dominique also works as an ambassador for a number of 'Greater Good' causes to restore dignity, boost hope and repair our planet.